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“If this device had been developed earlier, the symptoms of that person’s stroke would have been minimized, the loss of bodily functions would have been reduced, and he would have been able to return to society much earlier…. He would not have become bedridden….”

“If the drug had been developed earlier, that person would have been able to live longer and enjoy life…”

The invention of revolutionary medical devices or drugs saves lives. In the field where lives are at stake, even a 1% improvement in performance over currently available medical devices and drugs could either save patients’ lives, improve their quality of life (QOL), or allow them to live a longer and more fulfilling life. We must never miss that opportunity.

Even though scientists and researchers in Japan have won the Nobel Prize for their work in immunology, there remain gaps in bringing these knowledge and skills into actual clinical practice in a timely manner. For example, Japan was behind in the development of vaccine in comparison with other countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the reasons for this may be manifold, the level of basic medical research and engineering in Japan is known to be among the best in the world. Even so, when it comes to practical application, it is unfortunately overtaken by other countries.

One of the main reasons is that despite having great ideas, one may not be able to produce fruitful practical application due to a lack of funding or know-how at the appropriate time. In addition, researchers who are aware of such situations may publish only research papers and give up on practical development in the middle of the process. It is not difficult to imagine that this will further delay the development process which then lead to stories like “patients who could have gotten well,” “diseases that could have been cured,” or “patients who could have been saved.

We at Diamond Medino Capital (DMC) believe that the reason for this is that we have not been able to create an environment in which we can identify the potential for the development of knowledge and technologies that are truly necessary for clinical trials and have a high probability of success, as well as drugs and medical devices that patients truly need, and then invest the necessary funds at the appropriate time to nurture these products. The Japanese government is also taking various measures to address this issue and investing several funds in this area, but there are still some aspects that are insufficient.

As our company name implies, DMC is a group of true professionals that brings in a wealth of experiences, discerning ability, and the know-how to nurture such “Diamonds (unpolished),” as well as a network to link them to practical applications. In addition, we have the support of experts in various fields with proven track records as advisors. Another of our strengths is that our team is all connected by a strong bond of trust.

The DMC team will work as one to bring their insights and knowledge, to reach out and partner with highly motivated researchers and developers, especially in academia, and to lead as many technologies as possible into practical application. This will encourage researchers and developers to explore other innovative ideas that will spring forth once again. This is what we aim for in our company name, “Medino” = “Medical Innovation”.

Doctors involved in basic research, engineers in science and engineering, experts in finance and investment, and specialists in government and academia will work together to achieve their shared goals, and based on their successful experiences, they will pursue their next endeavors and further give back to society…. This is our unique type of ecosystem.

DMC aims to create this ecosystem of businesses that contribute to society through healthcare. We always look forward to meeting with everyone who can participate in this contribution to society.